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General Questions

1More Backlinks Means Higher Ranking?
Absolutely wrong. Backlinks must have enough quality. High quality back links means higher ranks. Tons of low quality back links will make the website ranking drop.
2What's PR
PR is Google page rank. The higher the better. Highest is 10. New website is 0
3What's PA
PA is page authority released by the MOZ.
4How To Choose Keyword
Choose the most relevant word of your product or service.

Link Building

1How To Get Natural Links
We have SEO course, you can take it and learn.
2Can I claim PIC
SEO services cannot claim PIC. Suggest taking our web design course and SEO course. That can be claimed, and you can save a lot of money
3Nulla lobortis mauris pulvinar felis pellentesque?
Praesent justo. Nulla lobortis mauris pulvinar felis, feugiat mattis vel, ornare tellus. Suspendisse eu dui vitae ornare eleifend adipiscing non, neque. Etiam ullamcorper, risus eu mi. Fusce sed felis. Mauris in faucibus ligula. Nam sed adipiscing sapien aliquet molestie. Phasellus tellus nec diam. Sed eu odio.

Search Engine Update

1Google Panda 4
Google updated the panda to 4 on Sep of 2014
2Google Penguin 3
According to the Google latest news. The penguin 3 will be updated on Oct 2014
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