How to Become Linkedin Top 10 SEO Professional – Digital Marketing Data Analysis

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April 8, 2019

How to Become Linkedin Top 10 SEO Professional – Digital Marketing Data Analysis

I was rewarded by Linkedin as Top 10 SEO professional in Singapore in the year 2015. SEO is a highly competitive digital marketing job. Many freelancers are providing service online. Beginners created massy backlinks for a website in order to achieve the first page results. However, the professionals ranked keywords by using a competitor’s analysis. That’s the differences between professionals and beginners in a job. The task of competitor analysis is much more difficult than creating backlinks.

The purpose of SEO is not creating backlinks. It’s analysis competitor, so to override them. The website with the first position of Google means has had to override billions of webpages’ rank. Everything must be the best so to rank on number 1 position of Google, not only the first page.

Sometimes the competitor is Wikipedia, an information provider a firm thought to override. Tough not mean impossible, a firm still can make the website better than Wikipedia.

Why First Position of Google Search is So Important?

According to my past research experience, the first position of Google research results will get 55% of expecting keywords search volume. For example, keyword A has 100 monthly search volume in the Keyword Tools. The first position website will get 55 visitors maximum, the second will get 20, and the rest will get less than 5 for each. Second-page position website will get less than 1% of the total expected search volume.

First position of Searches
First Page of Searches

How To Achieve the First Position of Google Search Results (SERP)?

The key to this answer is competitor analysis. Based on the competitor analysis report, a firm can calculate the cost of SEO plan.

Case Study:

Company ** is on the first position of Google SERP when search a keyword “***”.

Competitor analysis report shows ** 20% ranking efforts are from company branch websites. They built four different websites to promote company services. 80% of backlinks are from digital magazine authors posted relevant articles in industrial blogs. Each article cost around $600 to $1000 after researched online. The total cost is $50,000 to $80,000 for making the keyword rank in the first position. To override ** to get the first position of Google search, requires $100,000 investment. Override ** means the company has to do much more and better than competitors.

The Dilemma of Company Doing SEO

Google search contribute the 80% of total sales for a website, based on customers online behaviors statics report. SEO is not a choice of when digital marketing, and it’s necessary. To rank on the first page of Google is easy, the tough to rank on the first position of Google.

To rank on the first position of Google requires a professional team with a target based plan. Budget is a big challenge when making a plan as well. Many firms are shocked for the budget of using to rank on the first position of the SERP, chose to rank on the first page instead of first position. 

Compared the different positions of SERP, first position company get double the sales than the second. Investment for ranking on the first position is Five times than ranking on the first page. The easiest method to resolve this dilemma challenge is the company product or service have less or no competitors. Of course, a website is the first position of SERP because of no competitors.

No Competitors?! Really? Seriously?

The world not lack products, but lack of solutions to satisfy the market demands. No competitor means only one company can provide the proper solutions, but the others are selling products. Is Apple selling the iPhone? Apple is selling industrial designs to improve the experience of phone using. That’s the reason for the iPhone sell at a price $1000, and never worry how to rank the keyword “iPhone” on the search engine.