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High Ranking is A Responsibility

To Business Owner:

After I did SEO some famous clients like Microsoft Xbox, Regus and so on, many people request me to do their own company SEO personally. Some of freelances also learned from me about the SEO for free. You cannot find the website on the top ranking of Google when searching "SEO Singapore", because my time is focus on my clients' SEO. Compared the most big difference between my work and others, my work focus on details. I check every backlink and make sure the link is follow the google webmaster guideline. Clients like my services, because I use Fortune 500 standard SEO to help them get results in Google. I believe that's the responsibility of a professional SEO manager. I seldom teach SEO on the open class, but I'd like to share the critical ranking factors of a website. There is no same strategy can fulfill every website SEO, because of the marketing requirement for each company is different.

Most of unprofessional SEO guys who used using the software, tricks and cheap methods to create links for the website all gone from the market. Their clients website all penalized by Google due to low quality backlinks.

How to Build High Quality Links and Why It's Cannot be Done By Software

A high quality backlink need the SEO people search the results in the search engine, then pick up the high ranking website to put links. Some websites need contact the webmaster to request write a review, and rest of them may not allow to put links after talking.

Each link must be checked, and make sure the link located website without any spam information. A software will never check these kinds of information. The database inside the software has been used for many times. The more people using a same software, the faster of the users will be penalized.

I do want help everyone, and hope you can understand I provide high quality services. I do my best if I accept your offer. I don't want just tell you the 300 service is OK, after that your website is gone from search engine. That's why the price of my SEO package is keep on going every year. If your budget less than 3000 SGD per month, please do not think about the SEO. There are many ways can improve the sales.

If you really think the budget is tight, I will provide $500 SEO consultancy base on your website to give you a SEO action plan.

Corporate SEO Services

Corporate SEO Services For Singapore Business Owner
1Adwords And SEO Which One is Better?
Depends on the budgets, we suggest you taking both of them.
2A SEO Agency Provides Free Trail Services. Do You Provide it ?
Yes. That's only for corporate customer and customised plan customer. Same with their plan, customer need pay full year plan first, before get free trail services.
3What's Monthly Report
Monthly report is the monthly keywords ranking reports.
4What's Natural Backlinks
Natural back links are the long tail keywords strategy. The natural back links are base on the real users action. Google not allow webmaster to use any software to do SEO because the software will generate thousands of back links with same keywords. That's totally unnatural back links.