Google SEO Update 2019

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October 24, 2018
Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On April 2019 Singapore
April 8, 2019

Google SEO Update 2019

Google updated the Google Singapore search engine algorithm last month on Feb 2019. Although seldom people noticed the Singapore Google search engine updates, but it’s still impact a lot of websites search results in Singapore.

  1. Website without frequently updates suffers the ranking drop, especially for those static websites with the contents never updated for many years.
  2. Low traffics website ranking dropped. Google has put the Traffics as the major signal of search engine algorithm. That force website owner has keeping update the the website to attract the visitors. Search engine will not helping to generate traffics.

How to do SEO in Singapore 2019

Backlinks is still important for ranking, but the major changes push website owners to provide more high quality contents. Social media traffic is the key of SEO. That means webmasters need interactive with social media users. They have to write, share and enjoy to get the traffics from social media.

No updates, means ranking is gone.