How To User Free Hosting and Free Domain To Make a Free Website

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October 19, 2018
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March 11, 2019

How To User Free Hosting and Free Domain To Make a Free Website

Making a website can be easy as three steps

Step 1: Find a Hosting

Step 2: Buy a Domain Name

Step 3: Install Web Builder into the hosting.

The most expensive part is not the design of the website, it’s the hosting. After testing many free hosting, is the best FREE hosting. It’s Free, so don’t compare it with those AWS, or Digital Ocean. Free means free traffics.

It’s good to setup a personal blog, but not suitable for enterprise website because the Speed.

The reason of Byethost is better than other Free hosting like 000webhost is the hosting is easy to apply. The control panel is cPanel. cPanel licences have to buy, but hosting give user for Free to use. Many free hosting are using open source control panel like VistaCP. The problem is those open source control panels are less of funds to do update.  High risk for website been hacked for using open source server control panel.

How To Get Free Domain

Their some .cz domains from Africa counties can use for FREE. However, the sub-domains of the byethost is a good choice, because some of the subdomains which listing in Byehost are .COMs