Baidu Off-site SEO? DO NOT DO

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March 24, 2016
September 22, 2018

Baidu Off-site SEO? DO NOT DO

A lot of outside China companies thinks Baidu is Same as Google. That’s Absolutely Wrong

Baidu not allowed other companies to use search algorithm to rank keywords in the natural ranking, because Baidu thinks companies control rankings in the Natural Search Results will make search engine lost fairness. Once whole search engine out of control, the search engine results would useless. That’s no Right or Wrong for Baidu not allowed companies do Off-Site SEO. That’s just a humanity like a country made a constitution.

Baidu philosophy Thinks Human Nature Evil

Human will use the Search Engine algorithm to affect the ranking from the search engine. They may use the “tricks” to rank those no-value contents on the top of search results. That’s cannot control, unless it’s 100% forbidden. Baidu used send some people to jail just because the two young guys were using Baidu algorithm to rank keywords.

Picture 1 News: Baidu Off-Side SEO is Break Law

Google philosophy Thinks Human Nature Kind

Google thinks websites are the partners of Google. Without those websites, search engine is useless. The responsibility is do Google best to “dig” out the most valuable results from the Trillions of webpages.

Baidu VS Google is just the culture differences between China and America

How To Do Baidu SEO

1. Baidu Do Allow On-site SEO. That means webmasters still have chance to improve the website quality to get high ranks. That’s the reason of China Website always have a editors team to update the on-site NEWS Everyday. Any companies want to do Baidu SEO in China, must prepare to build this kinds of team. NO Out Source for Daily News Update.

2. Baidu Has Adwords, also knows as SEM or Advertisements. Website wants to get ranking fast, that’s the only way to do it.