Things You Know Before Doing Affilaite Marketing

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November 15, 2014
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December 22, 2014

Things You Know Before Doing Affilaite Marketing

Are You Miss Leaded by The Online Advertisement

You may find the online marketing martial or advertisement shows the title like “How to Make $_ _,000 by affiliate marketing, so you may think the affiliate marketing is easy to make money. Actually affiliate marketing is most difficult strategy to make money.

1. Google Penalize Affiliate Marketing

Google will drop the website ranking if they find your website has the affiliate link to Amazon or clickbank. Most of the Amazon and Clickbank affiliate websites are just using the SEO. Ranking dropped means the affiliate incomes gone.

Google penalize the affiliate marketing website because they think the contents are no value and just for selling the affiliate products as purpose.

2. Affiliate Links Loop Hole

Many affiliate links are just loop hole. For example, Some clickbank seller will put the op-in form in the landing page instead of the sales page. When customer op-in, they will send the other products by email. You help generating traffics to the website, but you got nothing.

Some affiliate platform like not easy track the buyers affiliate sales. Many cases have reported the website always lost the affiliate tracking. I used refer three sales to my fiends ID. He bought the item but my account still never shows any sales in the report.

Affiliate is just Pocket Money

Some people may tell you they earned big money on affiliate, but they never tell you the real key of the affiliate products.

Affiliate products are always the final sales of the products or services. For example, customer ordered your SEO services. You build trust and relationship with them. After that, your refer a SEO tool in the clickbank. Over 80% of them will buy it. The more of your SEO services have been sold, the more software they will order from clickbank. That’s the reason of money come, and affiliate products are so easy to be sold.

If somebody still teach you to build website, and use SEO, social media to sell the affiliate products as the main income strategy, you can fire this guy without no doubt.