How Long Will Google’s Magic Last?

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February 12, 2016
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May 24, 2018

How Long Will Google’s Magic Last?

The key success of Google is search value. How to measure the search value? Adwords is a measurement to measure the value of the individual searches. The price of adwords depends on the number of advertisers. According Statista, 96% of Google revenue are from advertising (Advertising revenue of Google from 2001 to 2015 (in billion U.S. dollars) , 2016). In 2012, Google advertisers increased to 4 million. After Google cleaned up the low quality advertisers, Google still have 3.8 million advertisers in 2014 (O’REILLY, 2015).


However the search volumes increased rate dropped from 60% to 10% in 2012 (Berners-Lee, 2013).


The companies like Amazon, Ebay, and Taobao are eating the search volumes on the Internet. The search behavior on the Internet is changing, especially the mobile becomes more and more popular. According to the IDA Singapore, the top one behavior on the mobile is social media (Social Media, 2014). Google doing a lot of efforts to push the websites to provide the mobile responsive web contents to make users using mobile to search in Google. However, the truth is the results are just little. Actually users are don’t care about the webpage is mobile responsive or not because the web users are mobile users are different segmentation of the market.

Web users are mostly using the desktop and laptop to search information. They are students, teachers, and business man. They are working so hard in day time. Asking them to work after left office, they will go crazy. That’s the reason of mobile users don’t like search unless they must do it.

Big e-commerce companies are eating Google’s search volumes, and new market search volumes increasing slowly. The biggest competitors are not Yahoo and Bing. Apple, Amazon, and Alibaba are the Google’s competitors. Google is the No.3 brand is world (Badenhausen, 2015), but Will Google Sustainability for the Next 20 Years?


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