Facebook Ads VS Google Adwords VS SEO

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Facebook Ads VS Google Adwords VS SEO

The data base on the online marketing experiences, not the official results from Facebook and Google. Data from three projects that are target on health, eCommerce, and fashion.

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Recently, the three projects all doing facebook ads, Google adwords, and SEO.

Data analysis shows:

Google Adwords Conversion Rate: 0.9%
Facebook Ads Conversion Rate: 0.3%
Google SEO Conversion Rate: 5%

Facebook and Google Adwords Strategy

Many company are doing wrongly in the Google Adwords.

Mistake 1: They are targeting on the short keywords. For example, one of clients are selling the watch online. He used put a lot of budget to fight the keyword “Watch Singapore”. The keyword highest bidding price used hit to $7.9 per click. His budget is $100 per day. After 15 clicks, the money is gone.  After changed the SEM strategy, same budget got 60 clicks per day. Do Not Fighting for Keywords. That’s useless.

Mistake 2: Companies are fighting for Adwords position. One of clients are proving the MMA training in Singapore. His marketing guy force to use unlimited bidding price to push the keyword on the first position of Google adwords. That’s useless as well, because visitors don’t care the Ads is on which position of Adwords. Actually second position always get higher clicks because visitors like to compare. They knows that’s the ads.

How to Do Google Adwords?

Focus on niche market, and niche keywords. Do not fight for position of Ads. Adwords is a daily maintenance job.

However, Google Adwords only contribute 0.5% conversion rate. That means 1000 clicks only get 5 sales.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is focus on the interest. How Facebook knows the users interest? The answer is Facebook scan and analysis users’ post. The data analysis is base on the big data analysis. Although facebook never post any official document to show to analysis it.

The interest targeting can be a track, because lower price of clicks need wide interest setting on the Facebook ads. The lowest price per click used hit to 0.12 per click. However, data analysis will make such low price click become a headache of company. They pay money, but get a little results. 0.3% conversion rate need marketer more creative on doing social media ads.


Data shows the SEO is key of online marketing strategy. Many companies already knew that. How to achieve the SEO results is important.

Please check the rest of post in the website to find the details.


Google Adwords has better conversion rate than Facebook Ads.  It’s more effective for a company targets the niche market. Facebook ads is using the user interest. That need the marketers use the Event Marketing instead of Clicks to sell products.