How to Block Retargeting Ads

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November 23, 2015
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March 24, 2016

How to Block Retargeting Ads

Many visitors feel sick to be retargeted. Most of them don’t know why the same ads keep on showing on different website side bar, but the Ads really bored some users.

After the Google launched the Remarketing in the Ads, such Ads stick on the display network makes the contents duplicates. That’s useful for a website to sell the products because the Ads keep on showing by detecting the browser cookies. However, more users are trying to use the privacy browsing instead of the cookies stored.

That’s a one way to stop the Advertiser use the Retarteting ads. Another method is clear browser’s cookies, and history data.

Some websites are using the third party retargeting services to detect the users cookies and saved them in the server to make sure the data matched with IP. If clearing data still cannot clean the retargeting ads, the final method is using the privacy VPN to surf online.

Data is the most important value after the Web 4.0, user privacy can be a serious problem.