Google’s Hummingbird Update Places For Social Ranking

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October 13, 2014
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November 2, 2014

Google’s Hummingbird Update Places For Social Ranking

Google updated the hummingbirds, the google places takes more weights in the ranking.  Google always puts a lot of efforts to fight with the spams in the search engine. Websites from India and China are used a lot of tricks to run website to hurt the visitors experiences. Affiliate marketers used build a single page website to sell the affiliate products. That problems makes google headache because of the contents are low quality and not include values.

Google trig find a method to verified the business online. That’s the Google Places. In the recent update, Google place become part of the Google Business. The whole thing make the business can be verified and fake business were kicked out from the search engine.

That’s a big punch for the local Singapore blogshop owners because most of them don’t like use own address to show in the blogshop. They may just working as parttimer and they don’t wish the customer come to visit their house for shopping.